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Rent Your Machine, Do Not Pay Taxes

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Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydogdu, said that the demand for leasing in the machinery sector is increasing, "this is a much more profitable operation in terms of companies," he said.

Aydoğdu, who also said that leasing allows the use of new and more technological machines, also gets rid of operations such as maintenance, service, spare money. He said that the rental price can also be used as an expense.

Rising costs in the last decade have increased interest in renting in the redevelopment sekt. In particular, businesses that export are renting machines both to reduce their expenses and to renew their technologies more often. Tezmaksan's General müdüRü Hakan Aydogdu, öespecially in the last two years, the demand for renting has increased significantly, ' this y öntem gives companies büyüK advantages. In particular, we provide them with support in these matters, as businesses that export y-ouml-nelik-have to renew their technologies at more frequent intervals in order to compete. Another factor is that with leasing, businesses are adding the investment they need with more appropriate opportunities. It can upgrade its technology without any cash, he said.& nbsp;

Aydogdu, who said that they recommend the purchase or rental process to the structure of companies, we evaluate whether we can provide this benefit in the enterprises that we will lease or whether they are necessary for the business. It is necessary to evaluate in a broad perspective whether the business business is kçKâRLI. For example, if you ask if you are buying or renting a project that will last a year, our answer will of course be renting... T&shirts Real Madrid&technology manufacturing abroad is no longer the internal structures &tank manufacturer will have to compete with Real Madrid. No matter how much our business costs, it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with new technologies. In this sense, the renewal of your technology at certain humidity has made a more suitable model of renting from the heat.& nbsp;

Aydoğdu, who said that companies can also pay rental bills as expenses, made the following statement: 'the rental amounts of stalls to be rented, second-hand value, insurance cost, maintenance service costs, while the variability of GöSterling, the most humid faktöR is the future second-hand value of the stalls. In fact, here as Tezmaksan, we take risks, we are used to supporting the investor by putting our hand under the stone, even though the second-hand market is not a sitting market like the automotive sektörüNDE. But benchmarking is about 25 more dÜs & uuml; K rental price, while the maintenance, service, spare money I shared above, etc. I would like to remind you that services are not provided by leasing organizations, and the entire rental bill can be used as an expense. In addition, if the lease dömoisture is eventually requested by Müshter, the relevant counter can continue to rent at a more appropriate price.& rdquo;