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Criteria To Be Considered In Cnc Machine Selection

Homepage Blog Criteria To Be Considered In Cnc Machine Selection

One of the issues that manufacturing manufacturers should pay attention to is the right choice.

Due to the wrong choices, problems such as failure to increase the production speed to the desired level, inability to produce workpieces with the desired precision, increase in cutting tool and operational costs may be encountered. In order to make a more efficient production, we have collected the criteria that should be considered in the selection under six main headings for you;

Suitability for the job The

first and most important criterion in CNC machine selection is to choose the suitable bench for the job. Before the investment is made, all the workpieces to be processed should be analyzed and their dimensions and weights should be determined, the number of axes needed should be determined (3, 4 or 5 axis for CNC machining center benches, 3 axis (C Axis) for CNC lathes etc.), The number of capacity should be checked, the chip removal values ​​should be taken into consideration, and the conformity of all parameters with the features of the CNC machine to be purchased should be checked by removing the cutting tool and tip features to be used.

Control Unit Selection

Another important factor is the control unit selection. The feasibility study made for suitability for the job can also be used in the control unit selection. Depending on the processing style of the workpieces to be produced and the selection of the bench to be made, the most economical choice should be made to maintain precision without causing slowness in production.

Amorti Time

Businesses expect a rapid return on their investments. Increasing diversity with new investments and therefore the acceleration in companies' growth rates are directly proportional to this turnaround time. With the feasibility studies to be made before purchasing, the amortization period of the machine tool should be calculated, if this period is a reasonable time for the enterprise, the purchase should be made.


CNC machines with two or three shifts operate at high cutting speeds and heavy loads to shorten machining times. Therefore, almost all parts, including the motor, body and records, must withstand great stresses and maintain their initial precision. The history, identity and references of the manufacturer and distributor companies are very important in the selection of CNC machine.

Ease of Use and Safety

The locations of physically critical buttons and buttons are important for the operator to intervene quickly in any emergency. Apart from these buttons, there should be security systems of the machine tool against emergencies such as crash and overlap that may occur during manufacturing, and the machine should be able to stop the whole system automatically in case of any force.

Training, Service and Spare Parts
It is also of great importance that the company from which we will purchase your CNC machines is with you in case of training, technical support, maintenance and malfunction. Having the right knowledge of the personnel who will work at the machine before the production starts, means that many malfunctions are resolved before they grow and the production is not interrupted. In case of malfunctions that may occur due to any reason, the service network of the distributor company works smoothly and the parts that cause the error are quickly replaced from the stocks, which minimizes the downtime of CNC machine tools.

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